Care In(ter)ventions: Chemical Kinship

Please join us on 12th December 4-6pm for the first of the 2019-2020 CISP Salon series on ‘Care In(ter)ventions’. We are delighted that this first session will take the form of a workshop with Emma Garnett (King’s College London) and Angeliki Balayannis (University of Exeter) on ‘Chemical Kinship’.

Thursday 12th December, 4-6pm.
Richard Hoggart Building, Room 150
Goldsmiths, University of London

Chemicals are no longer just villainous figures crafted for well-rehearsed political narratives. Chemicals – synthetic and otherwise – are part of life. So, what does this mean in terms of moving forward with research? What alternative concepts and practices are needed to live and work with these materials in better ways? Our starting point is the idea of chemical kinship. Kin relations are never entirely good nor bad; all at once they can be generative, uncomfortable, caring, or harmful. Based on our current research projects with environmental pollutants, this session will invite participants to search for different ways of representing and intervening in chemical relations – an inventive process of making kin with chemicals.

Suggested Reading:
Agard-Jones, V. (2013) Bodies in the system. Small Axe, 17 (3): 182-192.

Murphy, M. (2008) Chemical regimes of living. Environmental History, 13 (4): 695-703.

Liboiron, M. (2019) Anti-Colonial Science & The Ubiquity of Plastic, Frank Interviews, viewed 24/11/19, <>

Fay Dennis (
Emily Jay Nicholls (
Jade Henry (

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